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Thank you for taking an interest in helping make our team stronger! As you may or may not know a team that does not have the required amount of officials at a meet can be punished by Pacific Swimming with a $100 fine per day and by not allowing that team's swimmers to receive ribbons, awards, or points. 

Basics for Everyone

New interpretation of breaststroke rule issued -- new! On March 7 of this year, FINA issued an interpretation of the breaststroke rule covering the initiation of the arm pull. This interpretation also applies to correctly judging the timing of the single butterfly kick which may follow initiation of the arm pull. Follow this link for the complete interpretation.
Zone 1 South opportunities to officiate -- new! Zone 1 South officials chair Mike Davis has asked us to post this list of zone and Pacific meets which are potential opportunities for Zone 1 South officials.
Pacific Officials clinic handouts -- new! Following are links to handouts from the Jan. 2012 officials clinic in San Francisco:
Beginning stroke and turn presentation -- Follow this link for the Beginning Stroke and Turn presentationwhich is used in conjunction with stroke and turn official training classes in Pacific. The presentation provides an introduction to the basic stroke and turn rules and to the philosophy and protocol of officiating.
Athlete protection program introduced -- In order to join USA Swimming as non-athlete members or to renew their non-athlete membership, officials are required to complete an online athlete protection training course. The course is available through the USA Swimming website at this link. The course takes about an hour to complete and is free of charge. Non-athlete members will be required to complete this course every two years.
Background check requirement -- A continuing reminder: all USA Swimming officials now must successfully complete a background check in order to join or to renew as non-athlete members and to work on the the deck as carded officials. Please be aware of the following:
Materials from Jan. 2011 Pacific officials clinic -- new! Following are handouts from the Jan. 2011 Pacific officials clinic:
Officiating Schedules
LSC meets2012 meet assignmentsApplication to officiate
National Certification meetsRequest for Evaluation (PDF | Word)

Meet Referees
Submit a meet report (For Pacific Swimming -- in addition to OTS report)
Dual/Tri/Quad Meet Report (for meet refs)
Review Meet Reports
Zone chairs - clinic application form -- Download, fill out, and send as PDF to sanctions chair.

Evaluation and Advancement
Stroke & TurnAdvancement criteriaEvaluation form
Deck RefereeAdvancement criteriaEvaluation form
StarterAdvancement criteriaEvaluation form

Rules and Resources
USA Swimming -- Situations and Recommended Resolutions
USA Swimming - Rule Interpretations
Article 105 case studies: Swimmers with Disabilities

Toolbox of Forms
Lap count forms500y1000y1650y800m1500m
Relay takeoff8 lanes (PDF)8 lanes (Word)10 lanes (PDF)10 lanes (Word)
Keeping ListsDQ RecordDeclared FSNo Show
Admin RefFinals Scratch Sheet
Timing Adjustment - LanePad PrimaryButton Primary
Timing Adjustment - HeatPad PrimaryButton Primary

Important Links
USA Swimming Forms page
USA Swimming Officials page
College officiating

Area Contacts
Below is a list of Pacific Swimming and zone officials chairs. They are your contacts for zone officials lists, information on becoming an official, dates of scheduled clinics in your area, and other questions about officiating.
Pacific SwimmingBrian Malick, (408) 848-1311
Zone 1 North (Peninsula)Nan McKenna, (650) 493-49411N Website
Zone 1 South (South Bay/Central Coast)Mike Davis, (408) 842-23191S Website
Zone 2 (East Bay, Stockton/Modesto area)Leo Lin, (925) 933-2708
Zone 3 (San Francisco, North Bay, North Coast):Peggy Ramirez, (707) 972-2016
Debbi Tucker, (707) 980-2663
Zone 4 (Reno/Lake Tahoe/Mountains)Gale Maynor, (775) 265-5599
Valerie Rudd, (530) 577-7547

We're always looking -- Pacific Swimming is always looking for volunteers who are interested in becoming deck officials. While there are officials clinics in each of our five zones at various times during the year much of the training is on the job. Novice officials generally start as stroke and turn officials, and learn the ropes by attending clinics, using self-study materials, and working on deck under the supervision of an experienced official. Those who are interested move up the ladder to serving as a chief judge, then to refereeing and starting -- again, learning through a combination of clinics, self-study materials, and on-the-job training. Sound interesting? Contact the officials chairman for your zone for more information on getting started as an official in your area. 
Flyer on how to become an official