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Commit Swimming

posted Feb 25, 2016, 2:54 PM by Pat Windschitl   [ updated Mar 3, 2016, 9:56 AM ]
In November of 2015 our club partnered with Commit Analytics. They are a performance analytics company that specializes in optimizing training plans using data-driven models. Or, more simply put, a swimming workout management tool that Clay, I and our age group coaches have fallen in love with. 

Commit Analytics is a small startup designed by four swimmers who absolutely love the data side of the sport. And we are excited to be working with them on the ground floor. The coaches have sent over a few different suggestions and have seen them show up in the application already. We can't wait to see how it develops over the year.

We've played with it a bit through the winter, and been using it to log every workout for the Senior teams since January and thought that we would share what we love about it with our parents and swimmers. 
Program Overview: 

With Commit Analytics as Coaches we are able to: 
  • Share and automatically sync workouts between all our coaches
  • Take attendance
  • View and analyze trends with an interactive dashboard
  • Define strokes, types, intensities, courses and equipment
  • Access workouts on any computer or smart device (phones) at any time. The Senior and age group coaches are now sharing workout ideas more than ever to create better workouts for our swimmers. 
    • The phones was a bit of negative with the Senior coaches as we don't like the look of our coaches checking them when on the deck, but we feel that the benefits of having them all on the same platform outweighs the cons. 

Season Dashboard

Here's a copy of our Dashboard going back to January. 

In the top left hand box we have our yards swam each week, with averages for each day on the right. Below that we have three pie charts that list our intensity levels (we are working to indicate intensity levels more), the strokes swam, and the type of swimming we do. 

As we move through the Endurance Building section of our cycle our goal was to increase yardage by about 10% each week until we hit 45k. Now we have started to increase the density of kicking in practice which drops the total yardage a little bit. 

During this period our primary goal is increasing practice density. This meant that a lot of our late January and Early February workouts had long freestyle sets. Kick sets also default to freestyle in app, increasing the percentage of free swimming. 

With noticing these trends, we've been working to design workouts to about 30% freestyle, 25% primary stroke, 30% assigned strokes, and 15% IM. 

We've heard that this page will also display attendance information soon as well. We can't wait for that to roll out. 

Weekly Dashboard

Here's a weekly dashboard sample from the top of our yardage cycle. 

During this period Clay and I were working to build up in intensity throughout the week, and then go into our Lactate Sprints on Friday. Because our primary goal during this week was LQS (long quality swims) the bulk of our workout was swim. Swimmers would remember this week as daily sets of 3x500's, 1000's and 1650's for time, and other distance per stroke, long sets. 

This was followed up by our standard of resistance and speed work Stations on Saturdays (which have less yardage on average as it takes a bit longer to get across the pool with a speed box, bucket, drag sox, or whatever else the coaches tie to you or your swimmer).  These days are usually our most fun days that really break up our aerobic training styles. The coaches would love to see better attendance on these days with our Senior and age group swimmers. 

Workout Dashboard

And here's is what we see with our daily dashboard. 

We love the workout dashboard. Coach Clay has always been a strong defender of the paper-pad workouts and this is the program that has brought him over. I've been talking about a tool like this for years and I'm glad to see that swimmers smarter than me finally brought something like this to coaches. 

As we type in a workout it tracks not just how many yards they'll be swimming, but how long it will take, what they are doing, and also the overall intensity of the workout. 

It allows us to track workouts for multiple groups in the senior team, (our most common group breakdowns are the #Distance, #Sprint, #Breaststroke, and #IM groups, with all of the swimmers falling into the #Senior or #Senior-Elite categories.   

Final Comments

Most excitedly, Commit is also working on a version for our athletes to use individually. This should allow them to see workouts after they've completed them, as well as the notes coaches include on notes pages. It should also show them their attendance percentages. This should be rolling out over the next few months. 

If you have any question about it, please don't hesitate to speak with Coach Clay or Coach Pat. 

See you at the pool!