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USA Regional Coaches Clinic

posted Nov 6, 2015, 1:43 PM by Pat Windschitl   [ updated Nov 6, 2015, 1:43 PM ]
Over the previous weekend the coaching staff attended the USA Swimming Regional Coaches Clinic in Fairfield. This was the second year the coaches attended the clinic and the first time we've brought the entire staff. 

Our goal as a program is to be constantly evolving to meet not just the needs of our athletes, but to changes in the ways that swimming is done at the World and Olympic level, and how this relates to age group swimming and our team as a whole. Our coaches learned a ton of new drills, techniques, and had an absolute blast. Below is a quick write up from some of our coaches that attended the clinic. 

Patrick Windschitl - Coach 

This was my second time attending the USA Swimming Regional Coaches clinic and I could not wait to come back and bring all our assistant coaches. As a coach my goal has been to attend 1-2 sitdown clinics and as many online clinics as possible each year and i have to say that this clinic is one of the best. The presenters are some of the best, ranging from members of the USA-S stroke development team to Guy Edson of ASCA. 

There were two major things I took away from the clinic that I want to talk about here. One, being the new DIY streamline toys that will be showing up with the age group and senior team workouts throughout the week (stop by the pool deck and see them in action), and the second was the importance of underwater dolphin kicking. 

As a program we are NOT a team of giants. The way we train is optimized around that idea. Our goal as coaches are to develop athletes who are the fastest underwater, who can kick quicker than anyone else, and know how to maximize their distance per stroke in all races. We might not be taller, but we can make it our goal to swim taller than anyone else. 

Madesyn Ronquillio - Senior Group Swimmer // Assistant Coach // Swim Instructor

This past weekend I was given the opportunity to attend a USA Swimming Regional Coaches Clinic with Ellis Aquatics. As a swimmer (and sometimes a coach), I thought it would be a valuable tool to learn more things about the sport outside of practice. 

Each stroke, turns, starts, under waters and much more were individually discussed giving lots of information. I was able to take something away from every presentation. For example, on the start it is important to use the arms for extra power to get off the block. I also learned that a high distance per stroke can make up for a slower tempo allowing you to take a good amount of time off when done correctly. Every coach there is able to practice ideas like this because multiple drills for every stroke were introduced focusing on different things. 

This clinic has allowed me to see swimming in a different way both as an athlete and a coach. This was a very fun and interesting experience that makes me want to share what I learned with my fellow teammates.

Brandon Liu - Senior Group Swimmer // Swim Lesson Instructor

The swim clinic this weekend was a fantastic learning experience. I loved the talks about stroke techniques, dives, underwaters, basically everything that was talked about throughout the course of this clinic. They talked about how important it was to give swimmers vivid images to imitate. 

Since I am a backstroker, Guy Edson's talk on the technique intrigued me. He talked about backstroke from a whole new perspective which caused me to realize what I need to work on. The lecture on breaststroke was very interesting as well. Within an hour, I finally understood what I was doing wrong with my stroke, which was the timing of my kick. I hope that I will be able to correct myself during practices.

One thing I will definitely be applying to my own swimming are the underwaters off each wall. We were told as swimmers to create a quick and snappy motion with our ankles, very similar to a whip. Another thing I am looking forward to integrating within my practice are my dives. There were many little things about it that I learned I could do better. 

Overall this clinic was a great experience. There were tons of information about swimming that I never knew before.

Natalie Mangskau - Senior Group Swimmer

In the clinic I learned many new things such as methods and techniques to use in swimming and coaching.  It was interesting because they really broke it down to the science and math of swimming so that you can understand how to get your best possible swim from such little things.

My favorite part of the clinic was hearing about dives and breaststroke.  The session on dives emphasized things like your position on the block and using your arms to get the most powerful start.  The session on breaststroke gave me information on technique that I can certainly use to improve my own breaststroke such as streamlining rather than gliding, and staying wound up instead of relaxing between strokes.  It was very interesting, and I could use that information in the future to help new swimmers.

The whole entire clinic was a great experience!  And I was very glad to be part of it.

Gaby Perez - Senior Group Swimmer // Assistant Coach // Swim Lesson Instructor

Going to the Coaches Clinic was a great experience to learn more about the techniques behind each stroke as well as the stats behind racing. Not only did it benefit me as a part-time coach, it also benefitted me as a swimmer. I'm very happy I went to the coaches clinic because it motivated me to try harder at practice .

 I want to apply the new drills that they talked about at the clinic in practice. The drills they showed seemed very helpful and I could also use with the little kids I coach. Learning about the race stats helped me a lot as well because it helps me think about all the little things that count during a race. I'm more aware of how you can advance your technique in coaching and skills through swimming.