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High School Sections 12-14 PRELIMS

posted May 13, 2016, 6:25 AM by Pat Windschitl   [ updated May 14, 2016, 11:26 AM ]
Girls Prelims
We've had an incredible start to the 2016 Girls High School sections! 

The girls have been showing off int he butterfly with a wave of best times. Our biggest drop of the meet was freshman Megan Gee with a five second drop in the 100 and a new best time of 1:02, earning her a second swim along with Sophomore teammate Hunter Luna with a 1:01. Gaby Perez had an amazing swim in the fly with a 1:01 as well, as did Madesyn Ronquillo with a :59 and earned herself a second swim in the race and Cyanna Rosa with a 1:04, a new PB time. In the relay Keiana Fountaine split 26 in the 50 fly, a new personal best. 

Gee followed up her swim with an incredible 200 IM. Gee shot out of the gate dominating her heat and dropped over 5 seconds with a new personal best of 2:21, earning her a second swim in the event. 

In the Freestyle we had some big time drops. Brianna Carino dropped 4 seconds in the 200 free to go 2:02. She's said it's her goal to break 2:00 on Saturday and the coaches are excited to see what she can do. Keiana Fountaine went personal bests in both the 50 at :24, and the 100 at :53. Bridgette Houser went a personal best in the 50 with a :25. Cyanna Rosa picked up a second swim with a 56 in the 100, a new personal best. Emma Ronquillio dropped 5 seconds in the 500 for a new best of 5:35. 

Bridgette House picked up a personal best in the 100 breast with a 1:07.0, she's pumped to break that time on Saturday. Madesyn Ronquillio earned a second swim in the 100 Back with a :58. And all our girls had some fantastic relay splits.  

Boys Prelims
I apologize if I miss anyone right here. I'm (Coach Pat) out this weekend to celebrate my 2nd wedding anniversary. A few years ago I was sitting at HS Sections coaches meeting a week out from being married and was surprised to hear that they would be moving HS sections a week later in the future.. So...

The boys followed up with some incredible swims. Jesse RC and Vince T and Marx Pena had strong swims in the 200 IM, Trevor Fast and Nathan Hu saw some major improvements in the fly, with Trevor picking up his first sectionals cut at 51, and Hu with a PB and personal win with 52. Brandon Liu crushed it with a PB in the 100 back at 1:00. Johnny B had a fantastic end of meet swim with a pb in the 100 breast at 1:03. 

There was too many good swims in the freestyle to mention. Esteban was blazing in the 100 free, as were our other boys in the individual and relay events. Josh Urtega had a fantastic heat dominating swim with a pb of 49. Luke Martin went a pb at :51, Coach Connor Waters split a 22 in the 200 free relay, and way more then I can write down. Expect more with the finals report. 

Looking On:
As Coach Clay and I were telling the group last night in practice, it's important to remember that character is defined by how we act and react to both winning and losing. Remember to stay humble with wins, congratulate teammates, other racers, parents and everyone who's helped you along the way. How do we carry ourselves, and how do we help support our teammates through good and bad. It's a process and no one race defines you. The most important thing is to go out there and have fun. Race to see what you can do today. That's when we do our best, when the pressure's off and we are racing and swimming to swim for ourselves. We've seen it time and time again over the weekend, the best swims were from swimmers who were just out to see what they could do today. Ms. Gee, Brianna Carino, Luke Martin, and Coach Connor were excellent examples of this through the meet.   

The coaches are incredibly proud of how well we've done as a team so far throughout the meet, and how far as a program we've come. This weekend is definitely both our largest sections group, and largest sections finalist group yet, even with the tougher time standards. We're also proud of the culture that's been developing over the spring. We've seen increased attendance from our biggest ever Senior group, new traditions started and led by our athletes (senior cards), and an incredible drive to better ourselves in the pool. But we are just getting started here.   

We are looking at one of our biggest summers yet. Coach Clay and I are talking more team events, bigger team meets, and training to match it. We are back for the first time, full time, at West High this year and we are taking advantage of it. Mon-Sat 8-10am workouts, Mon-Thur 4-6pm afternoon speed work, and LCM and dryland throughout the week. We've seen our swimmers set some big goals over the past year, and now we are looking to go bigger. Accomplishment comes through handwork, dedication, and practice. 

We'll see you on the deck. 

Davis Day After

You do not want to miss this meet. We are looking to kick off the summer with a blast.