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July 2013 LCM Junior Olympic Championships

posted Jul 12, 2013, 9:42 PM by Pat Windschitl   [ updated Jul 16, 2013, 12:52 PM ]

Day 1 results and notes from Coach Pat: 

This was a fantastic start to the 3 day championships meet! While we had 19 swimmers at the March JO's in Santa Clara, we had 11 girls, 10 boys entered today, and 21 relays entered! With 94 entries between the group this is again, one of our biggest groups yet! Thank you to all our participating swimmers and families!

My Favorite Swims of Day 1.

Brianna Carino shot out like a rocket in the 200m Butterfly, touching 2nd in the first 100m and finishing 9th overall in the event. Despite the slowdown she picked up not just Far Westerns but a PRT time in the event at 2:49, and shattered both her personal best and our team record. Her speed in the start is very promising for her 100 and 50m butterflies later in the weekend. 

Both Vincent Tejidor and Jesse Russell-Cheung finaled in the 100m Breaststroke. With Vince finishing 4th and Jesse finishing 6th. Both earned significant points for the team with this! Vince also managed to drop 1 second in Trials, and then another 1 second in finals to finish with a personal best and new team record with a 1:20 LCM! Both were faster than the WZCT cut as well by a few seconds!

Jilliyn Lucero came out of nowhere in the 50m backstroke as an upset and finished incredibly well. She was entered with a SCY time, putting her in the earliest and slowest heat. From there she dropped 1 second off her best in trials to pick up her first far westerns, (placing her 6th going into finals) and then another second in finals to finish 39! A first Western Zone Consideration time and 4th overall in the event!

Malia Fernandez moved up from 21st to 7th in the 50m Free with a final time of 29.64. That's a 25.98 converted to SCY! Not bad for an 11 year old for her first event at her first qualifier meet!

Caitlin O'Neill and Riley Gilmore dropped huge amounts of time in their 400m freestyles, with Caitlin dropping 6 seconds and Riley dropping 14 to finish 4th in prelims!

Our 11-12 boys finished 6th in their 400m Relay, with all the boys going best times by a huge margin!

On to the Day 2 Highlights

Vince went a best time in the 100 Fly in finals, finishing 1:13, a new PRT and a team record.  

Jesse and Vince had great swims in the 50m breaststroke, with Jesse placing third with a 37, a new personal best and PRT, and Vince placing 6th with a 38. Megan Gee went a personal best in the 50m with a 40.

Caitlin went a personal best in 400 IM with a 5:54. 

Riley finished 2nd in the 800 free. Our top finisher for the day! 

The 11-12 boys finished 6th in the 200 M.R. With Riley going 35 in Back, Jesse going 38 in Breast, Vince going 32 in Fly, and Luke going 30 in Free. Final time was 2:16, a far western time in the event. 

The 13-14 girls finished 10th in the M.R. Scarlett went 36 in Back, Shannon went 38 in Breast, Keiana went 31 in Fly, and Kamryn went 29 in Free, all personal bests. They finished at 2:16. 

The 15-18 girls finished 9th in the 200 M.R! 

In the 15-18 boys relay Brad went 32 in back, Danny 35 in breast, Seth 28 in fly and Ian 26 in free. All personal bests and they finished 9th. 

The Final Day - Day 3 Highlights

Jesse and Vince continued to have strong breaststroke swims in the 200m on Sunday. Vince finished with a 2:57 in finals, while Jesse took the team record with a 2:55 in prelims. The boys finished 4th and 5th in the event. Caitlin O'Neill had an incredibly strong 200m as well, finishing 5th with a 3:00 in prelims.

Vince finished 4th in prelims in the 50 fly with a 32 LCM. 

Jenika Tanjuakio and Liahla Fernandez did incredibly well in the 50m freestyle. Both picking up 34's in the event. For Jenika this was new Far Western time. They beat their times again in their 200m Free relay where Liahla led off with a 34, Jenika followed with a 34, Abby Medellin went a best time at 38, and Jill Lucero finished with 34. The girls finished with a 2:21, taking 8th in the 10 and under division. 

Kamyrn and Keiana both broke 30 in the 50m freestyle! Keiana was a 29.3 and Kamryn was a 29.5! 

All the 200 Free relays did incredibly well, with best times in every swim by a great margin! 

New Team Records!
10 and unders
Jill Lucero 50 Back
Julain Munoz 50 Breast & Fly

11-12 Division
Malia Fernandez 50 Free
Caitlin O'Neill 100 & 200 Breast, 400 IM
Brianna Carino 100 & 200 Fly
Riley Gilmore 50, 100, 400 Free
Jesse Russell-Cheung 50, 200 Breast
Vince Tejidor 100 Breast, 50 & 100 Fly

13-14 division
Keiana Fountaine 50/200/400 Free, 100/200 Fly
Kamryn Lucero 100 Free
Nathan Hu 200/400 Free, 200 Fly, 400 IM

15-18 Division
Seth Suzuki 100 Fly

Top Point Scorers! 
Vince Tejidor 16pts
Riley Gilmore 15pts
Jesse Russell-Cheung 13pts
Jill Lucero 5pts
Caitlin O'Neill 2pts
Malia Fernandez 2pts
Nathan Hu 1pt
Bri Houser 1pt