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Junior Olympic Championships - July 2014

posted Jul 13, 2014, 6:56 AM by Pat Windschitl   [ updated Jul 14, 2014, 2:09 PM ]

We showed up to Peng"win" this meet. 

34 team records broken over 3 days! 

Friday night we had an incredible amount of finalists on the girls side. And most importantly, we had the largest and the loudest cheering section by far at the meet. We were deafening with our enthusiasm and it was amazing to see as a coach. There is nothing greater than seeing one of our athletes behind the block and 30+ of our swimmers, our teammates, our friends on the other side of the pool literally screaming  in encouragement. All our swimmers raced with pride, 

On the boys side, Zack "Attack" Chau was our top 8 finalist. This is Zack's first Junior Olympic meet and he's one of the younger boys at the meet at just turning 10 years old. I was incredibly proud to see the older boy's team come out to support him in force. You guys rallied around Zack and he did amazing because of it! Way to go! 

Final results of Friday's swim: Ellis Aquatics 7th place at 86 points! 

We've come back even stronger for day two. The Peng"win" team hit the water hungry and was out for top 8 finalist spots all day. We had more finalists on the girls side, and way more finalists on the boys side, with Aki Oo (first time 10un JO swimmer), Seth Suzuki, Jesse Russell-Cheung, and Ian Cox making finals (did I forget anyone? it's early). 

We had two major accomplishments at this meet that have to be addressed. 

Ian Cox is now our first men's team sectional qualifier. Ian qualified in the 50m Free in finals with a 25.2, and then repeated the time in his relay. This is a huge step forward for our men's team and is just the first step on a long road for both Ian and the group!

1st, our 10un girls 200m Medley relay finished first. And not just first, but a knockout, hands down, dominated the competition first place at 2:37 with the next girls relay trailing 5 seconds behind at 2:42 and the next 10un boys relay 2 seconds behind at 2:39! Congratulations to Abby Medellin, Lauryn Lucero, Sruthika Prakash, and Liahla Fernandez, we stepped it up for that win girls. You put everything into it and it showed! 16 points in one race!

I should also congratulate our 10un B relay who finished in 6th place, earning our team a significant chunk of points (4). Way to go Marijo, Nika, Kayla and Yaelle! And to our 10un boys relay who finished 4th place with Zack Chau, Aki Oo, Isaac RC, and Jonathan Monis. Jonathan went a best time in the 50m Free, dropping 3 seconds from a 38 to a 35, putting him right at JO qualifying in the event! Boys, we were out there to race and it showed! 

Final results of Saturday's swims: Ellis Aquatics 7th place at 206 points! 

The meet ended on a few fantastic notes. The 10un girls went for the repeat with the 200 Free relay claiming first with a sizable lead. Keiana Fountaine is now our youngest ever Sectional Qualifier, picking up her Q time in the 50m Freestyle with a 28.28 and then a 28.25 in finals. Not satisfied with just doing well in the sprint event Keiana followed that up with a third in the 800m Freestyle with a new personal best of 10:07. 

We saw some incredible splits in the relays too. Ian Cox, had an incredible hammer swim to anchor the 200m Freestyle relay, dropping 1 more full second off his new Sectional time to finish up with a 24.78! Another standout was with 13 year old Luke Martain, who pulled out a 27.65 in the 50m free, a time converted to SCY as 24.1! Way to step it up boys! 

Final results should be up soon. 

Final team placing: Ellis Aquatics - 7th place

This is a great accomplishment for our team! This is our first time breaking top 8 at a Championship meet and it's a strong move up from 16th place at last summers Junior Olympic Championships. We saw more of our 10un Swimmers than ever entered and had finalists all throughout the championship meet. It was an absolutely incredible experience. Way to go Penguins!