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March Meets 2013-03-02

posted Mar 5, 2013, 2:06 PM by Pat Windschitl   [ updated Mar 6, 2013, 12:58 PM ]

Congratulations to all our New Junior Olympic Qualifiers, and our Qualifiers that picked up new events this weekend! 

Last weekend Ellis Aquatics swimmers made their way out to Orinda to race once more at the Pacific Swimming Last chance meet. This meet was the final shot these swimmers had to qualify for the upcoming March short-course Junior Olympic (JO) Championship Meet held in Santa Clara at the end of this month. 

The 4- to 18-year-old swimmers qualify for Junior Olympics by meeting time standards at USA Swimming events, including about a half-dozen meets the club has attended in the Bay Area since the Winter 14 and under Junior Olympics.

"It'll be an exciting experience for them," said Coach Clay Basepayne. "They'll be racing in the same pool that Ryan Lochte and others from the US Olympic team will be coming out to over the next few months. They will be swimming in the same lanes and diving off the same blocks that have been used in international meets. I know we will see some big swims". 

In the 8 and under division, 7 year old Lauryn Lucero took first in the 25 breaststroke with a 22.61, 3rd in the 25 fly with a 18.49, and 2nd in the 100 IM with a 1:34.79. 7 year old Logan Edwards finished 7th in the 100 Free with a 1:45.21. Edwards also went a best time in the 100 IM at 2:02.20. 

In the freestyle events, 9 year old Jenika Tanjuakio placed  6th in the 200y with a 2:35.93, a first of 2 Junior Olympic time in the age group she picked up over the weekend. 12 year old Brianna Carino placed 6th in the 50 free with a 28.16. Sisters Camyle and Cyanna Rosa both picked up new USA "A" times in the 50 with 30.75 and 30.79 in the age group as well. 

Carino placed 5th in the 100 Free with a 1:01.11, with Meigan Loomis placing 7th at 1:02.18. Camyle Rosa picked up her "A" time in this event with a 1:06.40. 11 year old Caitlin O'Neill went a personal best in the 500y Free at 5:51.77, and 12:03.52 in the 1000 free, a new team record and both JO times. 

Riley Gilmore went a new best time in the 50y free at 27.19 and 59.35 in the 100y Free, both new JO times. Caleb Andres finished with a personal best in the 200y Free with a 2:16.71 after picking up JO's in the event at the previous meet. Thomas Gilmore went a best time in the 50y Free with a 37.48, and in the 100y witha  1:29.11. 

13 year old Keiana Fountaine picked up new JO's in the 50 free with a 26.66, with teammate Kamryn Lucero at 26.94. Sisters Hunter Luna and Jordyn Luna were close behind with 29.93 and 30.04. Int he 200 Fountaine placed 2nd and broke the team record with a 2:03.36 picking up a new JO time in the event. 

"Keiana had an incredibly strong meet", said Coach Erin Mann. "Breaking four team records in one weekend with three being 200's is no easy task. It's been fantastic watching her progress over the last 3 years and I can't wait to see what she does in High school 2 years from now". 

In the Backstroke events Carino placed 5th with a 32.30, a new Junior Olympic time. Camyle Rosa picked up an "A" time with a 36.46.
Kamryn Lucero broke the team's 100 Backstroke record with a 1:07.51. Thomas Gilmore went a best time in the 50 with a 44.29. 10 year old Jill Lucero went a best time in the 50y with a 38.66. 

In the Breaststroke events Cyanna Rosa picked up a new "A" times by breaking 40 seconds in the 50y with a 39.72, and in the 100 with a 1:25.66.  Jill Lucero picked up JO's in the 50y Breast with a 43.05, and went a best time in the 100 at 1:33.28

Vincent Tejidor broke the team record in the 50 Breast with a 34.69, with Gilmore picking up JO's with a 37.71, and in the 100 with a 1:21.81. Jesse Russell-Cheung broke the team record in the 200 with a 2:39.40, a new far western time, with teammates Tejidor and Aaron Aguilera close behind at 2:43,92, and 2;49.62, both new JO times. 

Jordyn Luna went a best time in the 100y breaststroke with a 1:26.11. 
17 year old Daniel Russell-Cheung finished first in the 100y Breaststroke with a 1:07.40, and 1st in the 200y with 2:24.93.

In Butterfly, Carino placed 3rd with a 30.49 and 1st in the 200 with a 2:31.89, a new Far Western time cut. Tejidor broke the men's team record with a 30.17, and placed 1st in the 100 with a 1:06.44. Aguilera placed 2nd in the 200y with a 2:31.34, a new team record for the event. Fountaine finished 7th in the 100 fly 13-14 group with a 1:05.32, and 4th in the 200 with a 2:28.17, both new team records. 

In the Individual Medley Jill Lucero picked up a new JO with 1:22.20, with Tanjuakio picking up JO's in the 200y with a 2:49.02, winning the event. 

Riley Gilmore placed 4th with a 2:27.38 in the 200y IM, with Tejidor and Aguilera finishing neck and neck at 2:33.10 and 2:33.51. All new JO times. Andres went a new best time at 2:40.76. Aguilera placed 3rd in the 400 IM with a 5:17.82, a new JO time. Daniel Rusell-Cheung finished 2nd in the 200 IM at 2:13.54. O'Neill finished with a new JO time in the 400y IM with a 5:18.70.

Results are up here:

Jill Lucero: 50 Breast, & 100 IM! 
Jenika Tanjuakio: 200 IM & 200 Free

New Team Records!

8 and unders: 

25 Breast
LUCERO, LAURYN A 7.7 EA 22.61 A 2013-03-02

11-12 Age Group:

1000 Free
O'NEILL, CAITLIN I 11.1 EA 12:03.52 JO 2013-03-02

50 Breast
TEJIDOR, MARCO V 12.1 EA 34.69 FARW 2013-03-02

200 Breast

50 Fly
TEJIDOR, MARCO V 12.1 EA 30.17 JO 2013-03-02

200 Fly
AGUILERA, AARON N 12.4 EA 2:31.34 JO 2013-03-02

13-14 Age Group:

200 Free
FOUNTAINE, KEIANA R 13.2 EA 2:03.36 JO 2013-03-02

100 Back
LUCERO, KAMRYN K 13.4 EA 1:07.51 A 2013-03-02

100 Fly
FOUNTAINE, KEIANA R 13.2 EA 1:05.32 JO 2013-03-02

200 Fly
FOUNTAINE, KEIANA R 13.2 EA 2:28.17 JO 2013-03-02

200 IM
FOUNTAINE, KEIANA R 13.2 EA 2:22.99 JO 2013-03-02