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Welcome swimmers & parents. Our team is part of a community of 300,000 dedicated beginners, competitors, and Olympic swimmers who all share a passion for our sport. 

Welcome to America’s Swim Team, a group of strong, competitive, tight-knit and occasionally quirky folks who are more at home underwater than on land. Whether you are racing your first 50 yards or standing on the podium, here you’ll find everything you need to connect with people who are as crazy for swimming as you are: 

We aim higher, work harder, and when we hit our limits, we exceed them. With Ellis Aquatics and USA swimming we practice not just to be the best locally, but to compete globally. 

You'll swim together, track times and rankings, share tips and training advice, and most importantly, have fun. 

Ellis Aquatics: We are America's Swim Team.

Aways Swim with a Buddy or 300,000 of Them